How I Work

We are happy take on any size project, from simply assisting you on a personal shopping trip to choose furniture or decorative items, to providing interior decoration for large scale renovations.  Most importantly, we will always listen to you the client, seeking to interpret your desires, expectations and preferences  into an individual and workable design solution which is both creative, but sympathetic to your tastes. See services for further details of the services we provide:

  • Initial Meeting: We will always have an initial meeting with you to discuss your requirements,  ideas and preferences, along with your budget.  If appropriate, any necessary measurements and photographs can be taken at this meeting.
  • Client Brief: I’ll analyse the information gleaned at the meeting along with desires and wants and will formulate a design analysis and statement and a design concept.
  • Inspiration: I take inspiration from numerous sources,   nature, architecture, art, theatre and food.
  • Examples of Previous Work: If appropriate, I will show you examples of our previous work, paint and fabric samples, plus furnishing options.
  • Proposal and Fee estimate: You will then be sent a proposal letter and full fee estimate.
  • Contract: We believe in complete professionalism and should you decide to go ahead and  instruct us the terms of our arrangement will be documented in a contract.
  • Insurance: We are covered by professional indemnity insurance.
  • Furniture Book: Where relevant I will  provide you with a detailed furniture book containing images of all the furniture and any relevant information.
  • Decorative and/or Window treatment Specifications: We will provide you with all the necessary information to enable the project to be completed.
  • Detailed Costs Breakdown: We will provide you with a detailed costs breakdown.
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